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Rudder problem

Posted: 8 Jul 2012 - By: Rene & Lesley Verbrugge
Hi all, relaying on behalf of my lovely parents who are currently on their way to Kota Kinabalu with some rudder issues:

The fitting at the top of the rudder (under the aft cabin berth) seems to be working loose. It looks like a vertical stern gland with greaser. It has a flange at the bottom with 4 screws into the fibreglass. These are working loose sometimes -as in one day they're tight and all's dry and the next they need up to a quarter turn to tighten them and there's a pool of water which has worked it's way forward to the ledge above the stern gland. 39;s 'just' a case of removing the screws and fitting and re-bedding them with sikka or the like? 39;s the worse that is likely to happen! 33;! eek! 39;re 500 miles to Kuching where we can get her out of the water. 39;s stuck fast. So I guess the whole B$%@@#Y lot isn't going to fall off straight away?!

Thanks in advance! :)

[Just a note to help get the best reply: Crib is an early Rival 41 - the one with junk rig featured on the cover of the December 2011 newsletter.

Michael Smith][I]\n\n


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