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Rival 36 Cutter Rig

Any experience out there?
Posted: 27 Jan 2012 - By: Edmund Wigan
Minka and I are in Cartagena at the moment. Nosing around the marina I have found another Rival 36 called Ocean Dream. She doesn't seem to be a member of the ROA and I am sorry Michael but I haven't managed to find the owners to recruit them.

Anyway she is cutter rigged and I hadn't been aware this was an option. However, going through all the magazine articles I have (courtesy of Minka's first owner) it appears the very first 36 built for David Ashwin was cutter rigged. He is quoted as saying in the article that he chose this to make it easier to reduce sail in heavy weather.

I had been already going through a similar thought process as I have found rigging my storm jib and inner forestay a bit of a pain when it is kicking up a bit. The cutter stay on Ocean Dream goes about 18 inches above the spreaders making the staysail comparatively small.

Minka has a spinnaker pole topping lift which comes out of the mast about 6 inches above the spreaders. I have just tried rigging my storm jib to this as a halyard and found it works quite well and can be sheeted to a block fixed to the grabhandle on the coachroof as a temporary measure. The tack is fixed to a centre cleat I have just behind the anchor locker.

I do not have a trisail but have 4 reefs in the main but wonder if the combination of storm jib as a staysail and 4th reef will enable us to make to windward and stay reasonably balanced.

I am comparatively new to sailing and never sailed a cutter rig so would welcome any comments and advice.



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