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R36 Rudder Stiffness

Posted: 25 Sep 2011 - By: Mark & Liz Wisdish
We are in the process of buying a 1989 Rival 36 and have just had the survey completed. We are pleased that there are no showstoppers but there is one issue where we would welcome input from current owners

The issue which we had identified and has been confirmed by the surveyor is that the wheel steering is very stiff. It seemed to ease a small amount when I twisted the greaser, but I didn't have chance to look at this myself in detail.

The surveyor suspects that it may be due to tightness in the bottom rudder tube bearing possibly caused by expansion of a nylon type bush. If this is the case then the rudder will need to be dropped out and a replacement bush machined (unless they are a 'standard' part). Does anyone have experience of this on the R36?

Apart from the obvious constraint of needing sufficient clearance (height below the boat) to allow the rudder stock to be dropped out of the boat, is anyone aware any other issues with removing/replacing the rudder on a Rival 36.

Any thoughts/comments would be welcomed.

Many thanks,

Mark & Liz


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