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Choosing a Rival 38

Possible modifications??
Posted: 21 Sep 2011 - By: Rcavendish
From a visitor to the website, to all Rival 38 owners (or ex-owners).

I am looking out for a Rival 38, and have a couple of queries. The boat has two features which vary among the boats. (If your boat has not been altered, you may have considered and rejected the changes for good reasons.) 1. Tiller / wheel steering. We prefer a wheel. Is a conversion effective and does it operate well? Does it cause any problems, particularly with regard to water ingress to the cabin below? What might a conversion cost?

2. Access to cabin from cockpit. The designed access seems to be for young crew! I know a conversion reduces cabin space below, but seems sensible for older limbs. Are there several different options? Are there any draw-backs? What might a conversion cost?

I would be pleased to receive your comments.


Richard Cavendish.


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