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Solar Panel mounting on R34

Yes it has been asked before but.....
Posted: 20 Aug 2011 - By: Thisboat
I realise this has been asked before, but this was a number of years ago...

Currently i am running a simple power system, 3 x 105 Ah Gel batteries, charged by an Air Marine wind Generator and 40 watts of Solar panels, and of course the motor if needs be.

I go to sea for longish stretches (a couple of months at a time), and like either the solar or wind generator systems to be able to fully cover the needs of the boat to provide a satisfactory level of redundancy. 40w only just covers the needs of the system in varying weather conditions, and it is time to increase the solar panel capacity.

So the question (finally i hear you all sigh)

where to mount another 30-40 watts of panels. 20 watt panels are a fixture on top of my hard doger (if i could work out how to include a photo i would show you). 34


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