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Repainting deck (Rival 32 1972)

Posted: 14 Aug 2011 - By: Neill Cordingley
My Rival 32 is currently completely original and in need of a fairly comprehensive refurb.

I wish to repaint the deck, currently brown/grey, since it has mutliple gel repairs and the colour is completely absent in places where there has been prolonged and repeated wear.

1.  I want to do the job myself.
2.  I notice that most people seem to use single pack over twin pack paints for the deck.  Is there a good reason for this barring expense?  I guess that single pack is easier to touch up than twin pack.  I also assume that twin pack is much more difficult to get a good finish with given the multiple undulations and obstructions (even with deck fittings removed).
3.  My interest in using twin pack lies in its increased durability.
4.  What method of application have others found most effective (spray not an option).
5.  Can anyone recommend a product/brand that is superior to all the others.  I am going to go for a light grey colour.
I would be grateful for any thoughts, particularly based on own experience on this matter.  I have read the previous posts, would be interested in anymore recent recommendations/experiences.

Any thoughts comments will be gratefully received.


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