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Rodkicker gas struts

Posted: 18 Jul 2011 - By:
Does anyone have experience of fitting a Selden rodkicker?
On my last boat which had a very heavy boom I fitted a rodkicker which was a great boon. In time the gas struts (it had two) began to fail. I got on to the manufacturer (Sailspar) to get new ones and was quoted ?150 each which was a bit of a shock. I dismantled the kicker and the gas struts had part numbers on them so phoned my local car spares place who got me two new ones for about ?30 each. They were identical to the original ones. They are only hatchback tailgate struts after all.
Now I want to fit a Selden Rodkicker 20 to my R36 and note that the extra price for the gas strut (it doesn't come as standard) is ?175 + Vat. EEk! Any body have a Selden 20 and know the gas strut part number?


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