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Deck Refurm of a Rival 34-- Best OptionsEx

Posted: 6 Feb 2011 - By: Jim & Stephanie Heynderickx
In early spring 2007, we removed the teak deck from our R41C because it was several years past its sell-by date: caulking split, missing and letting in water; evidence of over-enthusiastic scrubbing and pressure washing and not to mention leaks from fittings and some of the 800+ screws holding teak on or in some cases, not!

We repaired the holes (many from the chisel removing the teak) with epoxy filler with lots or rubbing down to get a fair surface, followed by several layers of epoxy paint; the final coats were 2-pack polyeurethane Ephrains (sic), three, I think. I masked up the deck for the final two coats which included non-slip grit. It's worked very well since, although in one or two places the grit is showing through.

Hope this helps, PM if you want further info.


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