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R38A Deck Layout

Cutter Rig
Posted: 27 Jan 2011 - By: Conor O'Regan
I found the following post from Shomewo, referring to a deck layout for the cutter R38A and differences in the aft-lower arrangement between cutter and sloop.

I emailed requesting a copy, but to no avail. Would anyone out there happen to have a copy of the drawing?

02 2003,09:21 0 copy of the original deck layout of the Rival 38A. This shows the position of the tracks, shroud attachments etc. for both the sloop and cutter versions.

I have noticed some R38A's rigged as cutters but with fore and aft lower shrouds as per the sloop. This is NOT as per plan. The cutter rig is supposed to have two aft lowers the higher of which attaches further aft than the sloop rigged lower. I think that not rigging this shroud properly contributed to the failure of the mast on my boat about ten years ago, before I acquired


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