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Stern tube diameter on the R34?

Replacing a shaft seal
Posted: 26 Jan 2011 - By: Michael Smith
I have to replace a Halyard oil-filled shaft seal that has worked flawlessly for 13 seasons. Its lip seals are beginning to wear and leak oil slightly.

Before choosing a new seal, I need to know the external diameter of the inboard end of the stern tube, over which the end of the seal will clamp. Can anyone tell me what it is? Since Williwaw is ashore on the northernmost coast of the Baltic, I cannot check easily myself....

My top two choices are the Volvo and PSS seals. The Volvo seal for a 1" shaft will fit a stern tube diameter of 45-51mm (1.75-2.0") whereas PSS offer 6 variants, to fit stern tubes from 32 to 67mm.


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