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Fitting wooden toerails
Posted: 23 Jan 2011 - By: David Cliffe
Hello all
I am considering installing a new toerail on my Rival 32 where there has been some damage with part of it being ripped off. It is also looking fairly tatty and tired anyway.

The current toerail in only 1.5cm thick and 3-4cm wide, with a simialr dimension rubrail (?) screwed onto the topside beneath the toerail.

I am considering Iroko or European Oak and would like info on the 'bendability' of these woods given the curvature of the Rival; hopefully, this could avoid the additional process of steaming. I am guessing that you would still need to scarf together 3 or 4 lengths to make up the toerail, whether steamed of not.

A google search has identified a suitable bonding agent as Sikaflex 291 rather than the 3m 5200 as it is more flexible and not as permanent.

If anybody has any experience or advice (as well as wood suppliers) I would appreciate it or even an alternative solution.



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