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Best Dinghy for a Rival 34?

Posted: 13 Jan 2011 - By: Jim & Stephanie Heynderickx
Dinghies drive us a bit crazy. 39;ve had nice four man dinghies with Honda outboards, and we never had to stow them or do anything but tow them.

On our first 27 foot boat we had a terrible, gray two man inflatable that I looked at once but never used.

On our Rival 34, we have "size small" Wetline inflatable with a nice wood thwart and transom, but it's very heavy, hard to get in and out of the boat, and it can barely carry two people (and there are four of us). 2 stroke 2.4 horse Mercury outboard I haven't even tried to start yet.

Thus, we're looking at these:

If we could, I'd buy the 2.75 four man (or even the 2.6)-- if we can get it rolled small enough to go into the cabin hatchway and into the navigation berth for stowage. 39;t imagine having a rolled or inflated dinghy on deck.

I really like the Nestaways dinghies:

We looked at them or something similar at the boat show, but where would we stow them on a 34? 39;re pretty carefully about not towing a dinghy in rough seas, and already having four aboard makes it a bit tight gear-wise.

Very pretty boats, though-- we also considered a Tinker Tramp, which the kids would love to sail, but I don't think its large enough to motor four of us around in and it has lots of parts to store.

Am I missing any other options? 39;m thinking the ultralight would be about the same size and weight, but larger and more appropriate to our needs.

Son "working hard" in our smallish Wetline:


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