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Waterline Mark?

Posted: 7 Nov 2010 - By: Yottiefox
Moored up the River Tamar, Cuchulainn, a R41C suffered a significant amount of fouling this year. There was the usual slime but we had lots of barnacles but worse was the amount of weed, up to 50mm long and covering about 60% of the hull. It was sufficient to prevent the speed impeller working.

I've had several reasons for this, including:
River temperature higher than normal;
Water more brackish (ie more fresh) than usual;
Wrong sort of antifoul - International Cruiser Uno;
Too many layers of antifoul.

I can't do anything about the first two, so I will change the antifoul but intend to remove the existing antifoul which is probably 10 - 12 years worth.

Does anyone know if there is a design waterline marked on the hull of 1983 vintage Rival 41C? Although the boat has been chocked level it would be much easier to use the maker's lines.

Cuchulainn of Tamar, R41C


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