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Rival 41C Sink Position and Drainage

Galley Refit
Posted: 14 Sep 2010 - By: Sruth
Hi Folks,
I am looking for advice on repositioning the sinks on my 41C.

Currently the galley has two sinks well to port of the centre line.  The drain seacock is about 3 feet from the centre line and when she is healed to port the seawater comes up the drain, even with the seacock closed.  Another Rival 41C that I have sailed on did this as well.

I am planning on moving a sink close to the centreline where there is a carcass for the front loading fridge.  I'll remove the fridge and extend the carcass by a few inches to accommodate the sink.

Do you think this sink will drain when healed to starboard (seacock to port)?  Has any 41C owner moved their sinks?




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