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Fitting an Aires

Posted: 13 Sep 2010 - By:
When I sold my previous boat, a heavy displacement wooden job I first removed my Aires Circumnavigator, the last and most sophisticated of the late Nick Franklin's creations. Now I'm thinking of fitting it to my R36.
The difference in sterns is startling, my old love had a pretty little retrousse stern while those who know the R36 will know of it's full height barn door of a back end which slopes forward, waterline to taffrail.
Has anybody fitted an Aires to their R36 and can give useful pointers?
Fortunately I am quite close to Nick's daughter who runs the spares operation in Penryn and I know she has contacts who will do the job for me but, as everybody else in these straightened times I rather hoped to save money and do the job myself.


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