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R34 galley sink drain

where to place
Posted: 2 Jun 2010 - By: Philip Allwood
one of the first things i noticed when i bought LG was that the original owner had never had any sink drain fitted, what he used to do was wash all pots and pans in the cockpit in a bucket and then fling the dirty water; or if below use as little water as possible in the sink and then, as it wasn't fastened down, pick that up and pour the contents into the cockpit...
so for the past couple of years we've tried several different ideas and pump outs, i suppose i should have asked earlier but how, normally was the sink drain arrangement set up?
i can see that to work all the time every time some kind of pump is going to have to be used because of the position of the galley; so do most find it better to have the over-board exit above the waterline or below, both ideas fitted with non-returns and shut off's?
all ideas welcome, as usual!

thanks everyone ???


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