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Rival 34 maintenance

Leaking windows and headlining
Posted: 15 May 2010 - By: Arthur Wray
We have had a chronic problem with slight leaks from the front 3 sets of windows due to perishing of the rubber seals. Not solved by resetting the seals in Portugal two seasons ago. Over winter at Wicormarine, near Fareham, Rob Pope (Classic Marine Services, website, 07973768407)) has sourced new seals, removed, reassembled and replaced the windows (reassembly done by TP Marine Plastics, 01329282543). The result looks excellent and is so far watertight. We have yet to do a long trip to windward. Rob has also done other work for me and I strongly recommend him.

Also, over the past two winters, Jan of Canvatech, has replaced the entire original headlining and part of the sidelining very successfully and with excellent workmanship. She also replaced the almost opaque perspex windows in the spray hood for ?50 and has made a deck cover for winter. Again, I strongly recommend her.

Finally on the subject of recommendations, Wicormarine is a well run yard with deep water moorings at a very reasonable cost for the Solent - just under ?3,000 for the year: mooring, winter stowage and hauling in and out.



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