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Rival 36 Bilge pumps

Posted: 10 Apr 2010 - By: Edmund Wigan
Minka was delivered in 1994 with one manual bilge pump mounted in the cockpit on the port side by the wheel. Her original documentation suggests using the engine as an alternative bilge pump by removing the bronze/brass tubular water filter and using the raw water pump to empty the boat. This would only work if the water had already filled the keel and was up to the bottom of the engine.

The only other pump is the shower drain pump which is now a gulper type (the filter on the old one was constantly getting blocked) but again there would be a lot of water on board before this would be any use.

I have never been happy with this arrangement as there is no method of emptying the bilges completely if sheltering from very rough weather down below.

Have any other owners installed better systems?


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