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Sail Loft Recommendation

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 - By: Jim & Stephanie Heynderickx
Hi, All

SR's previous owner put on a new North Sails genoa on the roller furling unit of our Rival 34.  I believe it was ordered new from South Africa.  It's a great sail, but the luff may be 4-6 inches too long.

When sailing last year, I noticed that getting the right tension on the genoa luff wasn't easy, in part because the top of the luff appears to be right against the masthead stops.

When XW did our rigging check, they noticed this as well, and advised that we bring in a sail loft to evaluate the sail and possibly have the luff reduced by six inches or what ever the sail loft recommends.  Until then, we're not going to get the tension we need for the best performance of the sail.

Our boat is in Haslars in Gosport.  I know Arun is in the area, and Coastal Covers.  Any other sail loft recommendations for this type of work?



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