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New Winches and Plan for Running Rigging

Xmas comes late for SR
Posted: 16 Feb 2010 - By: Jim & Stephanie Heynderickx
We had XW Rigging do a review of our Rival 34s winches and standing rigging. 1973 Lewmars, we agreed.

So, we just got back from two days of sailing with the new Lewmar 40 CST winches, and they were great. 39;s much easier now to trim the headsail by one person (no more tailing) and we typically leave them loaded instead of using the jam cleats. 8473-1/P1000176.JPG" border="0">

Next year we will likely replace the running rigging, and drop the size of the halyard diameter by 2 mm (to 8 mm) to reduce chaff and decrease weight. 39;s all good.


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