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Rival 31

Posted: 5 Feb 2010 - By: Tayrival
New owner of Rival 31 Tay Rival (original name Ski Witch --> June Rival)
sound boat but needing some work. New to forum so just two queries to start with.
1.  I need to replace the plastic trim on the inside of the cabin window frames - not a seal as such, just a trim that in profile is 'L' shaped 19mm wide with a 10mm lip.  Looking for a source please.
2.  Previous owner removed the door to the head + the door to the fore-cabin. Again I need to find a source.
    It looks like both doors hinged on the port side, the head door opening inwards + the fore-peak door swinging out - an untidy arrangement that would also block the wet locker !
     I have in mind fixing the head door to slide to port - alongside the bulkhead - if there is room.
     The fore-peak door I am tempted to fit so that it opens in to the fore-cabin - less intrusive but I would have to make an in-fill to the base for clearance.   Suggestions most welcome.

Bill King.


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