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R32/R34 Deck and Cockpit drains

Posted: 2 Feb 2010 - By:
Has anyone modified the standard arrangement of deck and cockpit drains all teeing together and leading to sea cocks behind the engine, by for example leading the 2 deck drains on each side to a single through hull above the water line, or just putting a hole through the toe rail.  I'm thinking of doing this sort of thing except o the port side would lead the side deck drains to a tee in the bilge pump outlet.

For information:  The threads on the bottom of the drains on our R32 are 1.25inch BSP.   At the sites below I found polyprop 1.25inch hose tail/1.25inch male BSP fitting and a 1.25inch BSP double socket which allows the 38mm(1.5inch) hose to connect more easily to the bottom of the drains. (I could not fine a 1.25inch hose tail/1.25inch female BSP which would have been neater anywhere)
You can't order online from this site but you can from  and the stuff actually gets sent direct from Dual Pumps!


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