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Rival 41C Window Assembly Description

Window Design
Posted: 1 Feb 2010 - By: Sruth
Hi Folks,

Windows again!  I am looking for a description of how the windows are assembled into a Rival 41C hull.  I have searched the forum and found a description from 2003 by Williwaw where he states that the windows were set onto a ply frame, smaller than the opening in the hull.  Over this was the aluminium frame fastened with screws.

For those who have taken out the windows on the Rival 41C how are they mounted?  From what I can tell I don't think that the 41c windows sit against a ply base.  The interior ply lining round the window doesn't allow me to see what's between that and the window.  If it is just this lining, then I have a very big job on my hands.

A description would be appreciated as I want to understand what I am opening up before I take the window out.

Many thanks



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