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Back up Watermaker on R34

Posted: 29 Dec 2009 - By: Jim & Stephanie Heynderickx
As I passage plan some longer trips (such as to the Azores), one of the few worries I have is having enough water for off-shore trips.  We have a new water bladder system on our R34 with about 100 liters of water, but that isn't likely enough for four people offshore for long.

Obviously, we can supplement with another tank, or bottled water, etc., but it's still a slight concern.

At the boat shows, we've looked at the Katadyn 40e watermaker that can be both 12volt or manually run, and it could be plumbed into the boat, but that seems like overkill given that we wouldn't likely use it very often.

Today, I started looking at the Katadyn 35 manual only watermaker that can make about 1.2 gallons an hour (pumping every two seconds).  In the states, they are around $2,000 new, and they can be stored and treated once a year.

I also noticed that military versions are available used for around $350 to $500, and they can be refurbed (if need be) by Katadyn for $350.  

So, interesting options for an emergency backup for water on a longer trip.  We could almost afford two if we went the used route, and treat and test both before departure.


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