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Leaking windows Rival 34

Action on perished seals
Posted: 12 Dec 2009 - By: Arthur Wray
We have a 1982 yard built 34 with the original standard windows which began to leak about 3 years ago. In 2007, in Portugal, a worker removed the metal outer trim cleaned up and resealed with sikaflex and put back the original black outer rubber seals which at that time seemed servicable. Leaks started again this year and we have removed one of the black outer seals which is clearly in poor condition and leaking "black " on to the decks a problem which has led to forum comments. The seals have a complicated profile and are clearly custom made. A further complication is that we do not believe that we can now remove the refixed outer metal trim without damage. We think it unlikely seals will now be available but just in case does any one know of a source? Also, we note that some owners have replaced the seals with sikaflex. Does this work well? We would appreciate any suggestions about tackling the problem. We need to do something over the winter; at present sikaflex seems our best option.




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