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engine flooded

Posted: 8 Sep 2009 - By:
We had a problem entering Dover Harbour in our R34 Ce5, building to a steady F6, which, with wind against tide and the resulting big waves, made for a very fast (7,5 knots max) and rather bouncy crossing. At the entrance, the engine refused to start. It turned out that water had siphoned back into the cylinders from the exhaust waterlock.
Unfortunately, it is not the first time that has happened. It seems to take place only when hard pressed on port tack in combination with serious pitching in large waves.
One possible cause of the flooding was eliminated years ago by fitting an air vent in the cooling water supply. It is still working ok.
So now I suspect the positioning of the waterlock: it is a stainless cylinder, slightly offset to port, and although it nearly touches the propshaft, I am afraid it might just not be low enough. The engine is a 29 hp Perkins Perama.
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