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R38 Rudder Angle

Is 25 degree Rudder Angle Enough ?
Posted: 24 Jun 2009 - By: Ken McCulloch (and partners)
The rudder travel on our R38 is 25 degrees each side of dead ahead. 38 , via straight edge on emergency tiller stock paper +protractor, to be 32.5 degrees each side. Previous owner had wheel steering system fitted, with 35 degrees each side, but 25. Have disconnected drag link and there's no obvious reason eg gearbox quadrant travel, 25, previous owner doesn't know why either.
Any information on as designed or as measured R38A rudder angle travel welcome. 39;d also be most interested to hear from anyone with more rudder travel than 25 degrees each side whether there's 25 degrees, to help us decide whether to try changing the travel limits which is quite a lot of work given awkward access.


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