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Multiple Charging Sources
Posted: 31 Mar 2009 - By: Allanferguson
I  have  recently  fitted  an  X-Alt  Regulator  and  a  90  Amp  Prestolite  alternator  to  my  Volvo  2002  in  my  R31.  After  a  great  deal  of  anxious  study  I  seem  to  have  got  the  wiring  right -- the  system  works!  However  last  year  I  fitted  a  Rutland  913  wind  generator,  which  is  a  wonderful  machine -- lots  of  free  electricity  and  no  noise.  The  problem  is  that  the  two  systems  appear  to  be  incompatible.  If  the  wind  generator  is  connected  the  flashing  red  light  on  the  X-Alt  comes  on,  and  the  generator  stops  charging.  The  wind  generator  is  connected  directly  to  the  domestic  battery  via  its  own  regulator,  and  the  domestic  battery  is  also  the  one  sensed  by  the  X-Alt.  If  I  isolate  the  wind  generator  I  need  also  (I  understand)  to  immobilise  the  blades,  which  is  not  the  simplest  thing  in  a  wind.

Would  anyone  on  here  have  any  knowledge  of  how  to  deal  with  this?  My  head's  birlin'!

Allan  Ferguson


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