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Seacocks and Earth Bonding

Replacement and should they be earthed
Posted: 22 Mar 2009 - By: Sruth

Can anyone advise the manufacturer of the original seacocks on the Rival 41C and whether they are still available?

I need to buy replacement nuts for both the skin fitting flange and the seacock retaining collar. 5/8" AF on the valve collar but I am not sure of the size on the skin fitting nor the thread type. 5/8" UNC so i can order up the month I am away.

The seacocks on Sruth are earthed to the hull anode by wire and crimped terminals bolted to the seackock. The earthing wire is broken in various places and looks as if it has been broken for a quite a while.

I am not convinced that I should reinstate the earth bonding on the seacocks. 2000.


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