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A Steering Doodah

Source for a steering bit?
Posted: 10 Mar 2009 - By: Ian and Susie McKay Southall

The rod and cog steering system on our Rival 41C (1976) is apparently like a Whitlock but it isn't. It has been suggested that it may actually be a motoring derived system but we have not been able to find a part.

Our problem is that the rubber gaitors that hold the grease (injected via nipples on the ball and socket joint) have perished and the grease now oozes out.

There is a picture here

The rubbers (black in the image) are held in place at the top by a sprung ring and the bottoms tuck into the lower cup. The items are about 25mm dia.

If anybody know where I might find such a part, or if they have them lurking in a box in the garage, I would be really chuffed. Have already tried motor parts which are too small.

Thanks in advance for any help.




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