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Antifouling Removal With Dry Ice Slurry

Dry Ice Pressure Washing and Osmosis
Posted: 3 Mar 2009 - By: Sruth
I am thinking of having the antifouling removed with dry ice.  The process involves pressure washing the hull with dry ice crystals.  According to an article in PBO it works quite well, leaves the hull as clean the day it left the mould and bursts osmotic blisters and vaporises the osmotic fluid.

Has anyone used this process or do you have any comments or observations you could share on the forum?

The hull has had minor osmosis which was treated by the last owner.  The process comprised lightly sand blasting the hull, bursting the blisters, drying out, grinding clean and epoxy filling the holes.  The hull was then painted with propriety products to prevent further osmosis.

My survey picked up high water content at various areas in the hull.  I am not worried about this too much.  Do you think the dry ice process could damage the GRP substrate that has a high moisture content?

What do you think



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