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Neco NM692 Auto Pilot

Service Centre and Trouble Shooting
Posted: 3 Feb 2009 - By: Sruth
Hello Forum Readers,

My Rival 41C is fitted with the "Nico NM692 Automatic Pilot" which I assume is original equipment. 1. Does anyone know if these units can still be serviced?
2. Has anyone still got an operating unit and can supply some guidance on getting the thing to work?
3. What about bolting on a new auto helm but keeping the Nico servo motor to drive the rudder?
4. Should I just chuck it and fit another model (if at all)?

I am not to sentimental about keeping 30 year old electronic technology but an Internet search on this unit suggests that they were quality auto helms!

Sruth's steering gear is the shaft / bevel gear type.

All comments and advice appreciated,



Rival 41C "Sruth"


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