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saloon tables

Posted: 20 Oct 2007 - By: Philip Allwood
ok everyone, maybe this question will get a better feed back????
at present "Lorna grace" has the saloon table mounted on the sliding pole set up.
my question is; as i'm putting a solid plastic water tank under the cabin sole, where can i find details / measurements / diagrams  of the solid self folding type of saloon table found on earlier rivals that still enable the saloon berth to be used as a double when needed.???
also; has anyone ever thought about or fitted extra cockpit drains, besides instaling an extra over-board drain for each of the two cockpit sole outlets? if so, how and where??????
yet another............. has anyone fitted a "Kiwi" prop to an old or / re-con md11c or similar engine and if so; what are the results like????
look forward to the replies, cheers  :D


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