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tri-sail tracks and running poles

Posted: 19 Mar 2006 - By: Philip Allwood
i'm thinking of fitting a seperate track for use with a storm tri-sail (hopefully not too often!) and thought it prudent to ask how fellow rival 34 owners have gone about this?
i purchased the yacht with the original set of sails, have had to have a new main made by Kemps, but besides that the rest are in very good condition for their age. I'm thinking of using the genoa and ghoster (small one) set together for down wind sailing, this would probably require the purchase and fixture of running poles, has any ROA member used this method in latter years and to what effect? I'd like to think the poles could be permenantly left stowed up the mast when not required, or do members think it better and simpler to invest in a whisker pole and top quality cruising shute?? any advise / experiance would be appreciated. ???


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