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Storm jibs - fitting and experience

Posted: 21 Jul 2004 - By: Dave Wray

My R32 has a roller furling genoa. I also have a hank-on storm jib which I cannot readily use. Although if truth be told I would rather not be out in winds that needed it, I am minded that one day I may rue the fact that the storm jib cannot be set. I'm sure others have been through this thought process.

As I see it the options are either 1) to fit a sleeve to the storm jib to enable it to be fitted around the furled genoa, or 2) to have an inner forestay fitted. I have questions about both options and in particular:
for option 1): has anyone attempted to fit and raise a storm jib + sleeve in anger in a force 6 or higher - just how easy / feasible is it?
for option 2): how is the inner forestay been fitted at deck level - my understanding is that it needs to be fitted to a strong-point, possibly with an additional cable passing through the deck to a bulkhead or the hull?

Any thoughst on these issues would be most welcome

Dave Wray


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