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various questions from a potential Rival owner

Posted: 2 Oct 2002 - By: Andrew Gardener
I have posted this question sent to me by email on behalf of the sender .......

Hello Rival Owners!

My friend, Chris and I are seriously considering the purchase of a 1973 Rival 34 which is presently located in Annapolis, MD, USA. 1. 4'8" (which we love, since our plan is to go up and down the East coast of the US and then down into the Bahamas, possibly then extending the trip across the Atlantic for a visit to the Mediterranean Sea). 39;ve identified as possible locations a) under the floor boards in the cabin in a custom-sized flexible water bladder - estimate it could hold almost 20 gallons, and/or b) sacrifice the center-most starboard side storage space, (possibly glassing a tank in) for an additional 20 gallons. 39;d
prefer to find a boat with the capability of holding at least 60 gallons (~230 liters) of fresh water (as a minimum!;), we were wondering if any other shoal draft owners could advise as to their solutions to this situation?

2. 1973 Rival 34? 39;d like to consider an alternate windlass with an identical bolt pattern - if anyone can advise, we'd be most grateful! Also, we plan to install bow rollers for additional anchor storage - any suggestions for appropriate makes/models for this Rival?

3. 33;! 33; 703-526-3024.


Mary Liz Hepburn


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