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Supplier of rubber shaft bearings

Posted: 1 May 2002 - By: Michael Smith
I have found a company called Countrose, who specialise in the manufacture of water lubricated rubber bearings for propellor shafts.

Their web site is

They have a wide range of standard sizes but will make any dimensions to special order.  They offer both nitrile rubber and polyurethane rubber, in sleeves of either brass or phenolic resin.

There are three standard size ranges: all metric, all imperial (inches) and, for yachts that have been re-engined, metric shaft diameters with imperial housing diameters.

I have found them very helpful.  They tell me that polyurethane rubber is a very tough, highly abrasion resistant material. Its
relatively high physical properties allow it to operate at specific loadings beyond that of nitrile rubbers and it is ideally suited to "dirty" environments.  A characteristic of polyurethane rubber is that an amount of swelling will occur on first immersion in water.

Nitrile rubber is generally resistant to oils and has low water swell, which means that tighter clearances can be maintained on a nitrile bearing, but it may not have as long a life as polyurethane, depending on the conditions.

Michael Smith :)


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