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Windvane steering

Advice wanted
Posted: 26 Mar 2004 - By: Wmulholland
I'm starting an extended cruise next year in my Rival 32 and really want to fit vane steering. It's difficult to justify the cost of a brand new unit on a 27 year old boat so I've been looking for used. These are rarer than hens teeth but I have recently narrowly missed a Hydrovane, Monitor and Sailomat.
They're all well promoted by the manufacturers but never having used, I really have no idea of suitability. There's nothing like learning from the experience of others so I would really appreciate opinions and advice from any of you who have used wind vanes on 32's or 34's or anything else similar. Of course if anyone has, or knows of a unit for sale I would be even more interested !
Bill Mulholland
Rival Breeze


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