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Posted: 9 Apr 2003 - By: Ron Riley
As a new contributor, hello everyone and greetings. I'm also new to the Rival fold so if the answer to the following are obvious please excuse my ignorance.

Q1. I've found a sail-loft web site that lists the I, J, P and E dimensions for the Rival marque as follows:    

Model    I (ft)      J (ft)      P (ft)     E (ft)
R32       38.00    12.00    32.66    11.25
R34       37.72    12.68    37.75    11.25
R36       ?????   13.25    42.00    13.00
R38       43.40    14.33    43.63    13.75
R41       53.40    15.20    48.70    15.70

No details for R31.  
Many of these figures seem questionable.  For example, the above P and E for the R38 give a mainsail area of  300 sq ft without roach. This compares with the published figure of 284 with roach. Can anyone confirm any of these figures, explain the variance or direct me to reliable sources? Thank you.

Q2. What was the policy of Rival Yachts in determining the figure for published displacement?  e.g. as designed; as launched; as with standard equipment; as for light craft use; as with half load. Thanks again for any enlightenment.


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