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Stern tube / stuffing box repairs

Posted: 13 Apr 2004 - By: Dave Wray

I have to undertake some repair work on the stern tube assembly on my 1972 Rival 32 and would welcome some advice:
On re-launch of the boat I noticed steady water ingress into the boat from around the outside edge of the fixed plate which forms the stuffing box (not the pressure plate). A helpful, although somewhat depressing, chat with an engineer indicates that it is likely that the stern tube assembly has corroded and needs replacement. My question is has anyone in the forum undertaken this task and if yes, can they offer any advice. In particular:
1) Is the stern tube assembly glassed in (the answer no would be much appreciated!;)
2) Does the engine / gearbox need removing in order to withdraw the stern tube & shaft.

and it was all going so well......



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