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Squidgy toerail?

Fastenings into toerail substrate
Posted: 16 Nov 2003 - By: Mcorrick
I have fitted an AIR-X wind generator to my R34 and fastened the lower ends of its supporting struts to the port and starboard toerails aft. At first I used a single SS M6 50mm coachbolt each side, vertically down through the toerail, but these do not hold adequately in the rather squidgy filler under the toerail. It has the consistency of hard toffee, as if it has not gone off properly. Has anyone else encountered this problem, and discovered a solution? At present I am thinking of tapping much longer M6 bolts about 100mm down into the filler. (It would perhaps have been better to have bolted the strut transversely through the hull-deck joint under the toerail, had I thought of it.)

After much thought I am also fitting a Refleks diesel stove rather than a hot-air system - I am not entirely confident of the reliability of systems such as Eberspacher; they are also complex to fit and impossible for the amateur to repair if they go wrong.  
Martin Corrick
Tenacity II


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