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New windows for an old R34?

Posted: 27 Feb 2002 - By: Michael Smith
I wish to replace Williwaw's windows, which leak in spite of occasional resealing and which are not very sound structurally.  Has anyone done the same to other Rivals of similar age (1973)?

The toughened glass sits in the aperture in the GRP, with the outside sufaces flush.  It is bedded in sealant in a rebate formed by the inner ply panel, which has been cut with an aperture 6mm smaller than that in the GRP.  The external crack is covered with a flat aluminium strip, again bedded in sealant.  Both the ply panel and the aluminium strips have been fitted with woodscrews from the outside.  There must be some risk that a heavy blow could drive the glass and ply inwards.

Apart from the leaks, it has been safe for nearly 30 years, so I may be worrying unduly.  However, I would prefer a metal frame  that overlaps the external face of the GRP, or is clamped inside and out.  The shape of the aperture (a trapezium with rounded corners, on six of the ten windows) means that a custom-made solution is necessary.Any thoughts on the solution and possible suppliers (for the UK) will be very welcome.

Michael Smith


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