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R34 rudder bearings

Posted: 21 Nov 2002 - By: Michael Smith
Williwaw's rudder bearings are sloppy, especially the bottom one, and need renovating.  I would welcome information on the construction of the top bearing, as I am having difficulty removing the rudder in order to examine it.

The bronze fitting on the bottom of the skeg came off easily and even the nuts and bolts will be reusable.  I plan to have the socket in the fitting bored out and a bronze or nylon bush fitted of the correct diameter to take the shaft.

Over the years, the socket has been able to fill with silt, making a good grinding paste to wear away the bronze.  I have just discovered that there is a small drain hole in the bottom of the socket, which should prevent this happening, but it can easily be blocked with antifouling unless you are aware of its existence and keep it clear.

So far, all efforts to remove the tiller fitting on the top of the shaft have failed, as the two components have seized together.  Does anyone have experience of clearing this problem?

Michael Smith


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