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Sruth's First Sail with Her New Owner

Posted: 27 May 2009 - By: Sruth
The 15/16 May saw Sruth sailing for the first time with her new owner after some winter refit work.  Those of you who follow this forum will have seen various postings from Sruth over the winter.

The first voyage was at the end of last Autumn when she was motored up from Ardrossan to Largs on the Firth of Clyde.  If you want to find out how that ended then read 30 to 40 kts out the East.

We warped her back (wind on the bow and myself nervous after the delivery escapades) and sprung her off without any problems.

Under power the Aquadrive is fantastic.  Instead of the propeller pushing the boat via the engine mounts, it is pushed through the Aquadrive thrust bearing (bolted to a new mini bulk head, aft of the engine room bulkhead and below the companion way sole).  This leaves the engine to wobble about on its mounts independent of any propeller forces and alignment issues.  There is no vibration from the engine noticeable in the cockpit or saloon.

We sailed up to the Kyles of Bute and Anchored overnight in Caladh Harbor (a tight wee bay behind a small island).  The next day was a great beat down the Kyles and back to Largs with a force 7 on the nose.  We had 25% Genoa and 3 reefs in the main and only ever a small amount of weather helm.  In a couple of big gusts with her lee gunnel dug in there was no more than 1 1/2 spokes of weather helm and most of the time about 1/2 a spoke.  Water speed was about 6 kts as she had to be sailed slightly free to allow the genoa to pull.  True close hauled was only 5 kts.

I am very happy with her and look forward to the slow (I hope steady) transformation as her original equipment and fittings are either replaced or refurbished.


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