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Racing advice

Posted: 9 May 2014 - By: Geoff Crowley
Next week I'm entering a race (Scottish islands Peaks race) having not raced Contender before.
Any good advice about how to get the maximum speed out of a rather slow boat?
In cruising, I've mostly tended to hoist enough sail to nearly get the rail under the water (occasionally water over the rail, mostly not). This seems to get a reasonable speed, but there might be a technique for R32 that I haven't tried?
For example should I have more sail and really heel the boat over? Or should I go for less?
I note that in fairly stiff breezes, that having full genoa and no main seems to get as much or more speed than reefed main and partly furled genoa. This might be due to the inefficiency of furling a genoa?
I do find that main only is deadly slow. The genoa is a bit bigger (area) than the main, but the difference in speed of genoa only 8 or more) then 2 reefs in the main and a little bit of genoa unfurled seems to get along OK, but at that wind speed I guess almost any sail will produce some power!

Any tips?


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