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Rival 41ac vs. Nicholson 40ac

Views on comparisons?
Posted: 24 Apr 2013 - By: Michael Smith
I have received this message from a non-member:

"We currently have a Nic35 and would like to buy a larger yacht for bluewater cruising. The two I am considering are the Nic40ac and the Rival 41a. If any of your members would like to give me their opinion on the two yachts, I would really appreciate it.
My reasons for a larger yacht are; our waterline went down 6in which means we are 2 tonnes over weight, also if we have guests I would prefer a more private toilet, and tankage (water and diesel) is always a problems 35 sails great and I love the heavy displacement feel and safety."

If any of you have views on the matter, please make them known here. Of course, as Rival owners, you will exhibit no trace of bias!



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