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Posted: 11 Nov 2012 - By: Geoff Crowley
Being a new member I thought to introduce myself.
I have known of the ROA for a while, but didn't get round to joining until now.
Originally from New Zealand, I moved to Scotland nearly 20 years ago from Iceland where I lived about 4 years, with Western Australia 4 years before that.
I've been sailing most of my life, had my first boat at age 5 (7ft plywood yacht which I raced), but with some gaps in those last 50 years without getting to sea.
In Scotland I started crewing on a Rival 32 about 10 years ago, and when the owner said he was selling as it was getting a bit much for his age, I offered to buy half and do the maintenance that had been the concern. That's our current arrangement, but when the time comes, I'll buy the other half.
Contender (Contender of Portsea) No 96, was registered in 1973 with No 360273 on the registry, by Eric Banfield, then in 1976 to my co-owner.
Much of the original documentation is still with the boat, including the original Marcon Brochures.
My cruising territory is mostly Scotland's west coast, and we have moored at Dunstaffnage during the summer for the past few years, and Rhu in winter.
Projects this winter include a new pulpit (damaged severly in a summer storm, and replacement of damaged toerailing (same storm). In additon, a second GPS, and some extra internal lighting.
I have a good photographic record of various jobs done, and can share those if there's interest. For example installing a calorifier, installing HF radio, various timberwork replacements, rigging changeout etc.
I sail both singlehanded and with others, including children and their spouses. My wife suffers seasickness to the extreme, but survives 2-4 days on Kwells and patches, but not keen on longer. One unusual interest is in landing on isolated rock lighthouses during International Lighthouse Weekend (August) each year.

Here we are at Skerryvore Lighthouse, UK's tallest.


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