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Hurricane damage
Posted: 31 Oct 2012 - By: Christopher Derrett
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With luck this will take you to an album of pictures from Morgan Marina NJ USA taken yesterday. The Sandy storm surge blew directly into Raritan Bay and gave us 5-11 ft more water than predicted coincident with Springs. Any boat drawing less than 5ft was floated and pushed inshore. Hound was at the back and was pushed inshore by a press of other boats. Damage is bearable, scratches, guard rail, rigging and teak cap rail.
Boats at the Raritan Bay yacht club were more exposed and many, including the J 30 which I have been racing on, were completely smashed (that particular boat is in two pieces many yards apart and flattened).

Life goes on and I will be fixing her up with a view to cruising sometime in 2013.


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