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Iceland Breakthrough

Rival in iconic documentary
Posted: 20 Apr 2019 - By: Alistair Cook

I’ve been reflecting on a period in my youth when I was a keen kayaker in the ‘80’s by rewatching ‘Iceland Breakthrough-Paul Vander-Mollen’s innovative exploration using kayaks to travel on a sub-glacial river from it’s source to the sea.

In my previous viewings of the film, I had completely missed the fact that, in accordance with the ethics of the adventure, several members of the kayaking team sailed to Iceland to start their expedition in a Rival. Fabulous!    

Could I please enquire if any members know the name and model of the Rival and how she came to be involved in the expedition. All info would be most gratefully received.  Fair winds. Alistair D Cook, ‘Villager’, R34, N. Wales.







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