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36 vs 34

Posted: 6 Oct 2018 - By: Dave Higginbottom

hi all,

I don't want to start a massive arguement or be disrespectful in any way to any owner, but, I'm a bit perplexed by the huge difference in asking prices between the 34 and 36 on the market currently.  I understand that age, condition, equipment levels etc play a part in the asking price of any boat. Im interested to understand why a 36 seems to have double the asking price of a good condition 34   ?  On paper i am struggling to see  where double the "value" is in a 36 ?

For the record I've never been on a 36 (maybe I would've answered my own question if I had !) but have been on plenty of 32's and 34's. I am looking to buy and trying to justify why I should look at a 36 at the current price levels. I will stand corrected, but, I don't see such a huge leap in asking price from 34 to 36 feet in other makes of boat.  What makes a Rival 36 command such a relativly high asking price ?

Feel free to message me privately via email at if you feel a public response might cause "disagreements" .

Thanks Dave 





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